The Initiation of a Timeless Voyager

Dear Fans and Friends,
Off we go with a new adventure.
It is now time to start a journey towards unexplored destinations and embrace the dream of life to the fullest. Through ups and downs, good and bad, back and forth and so on and on, our initiation consists of several trials that, on our quest for understanding and illumination, will make us learn precious lessons guiding us in this black forest full of pitfalls and distractions. To become a Timeless Voyager is to become a knight of light, a poet of the stars, a humble servant of infinity… a seer of Past and Future Memories and a minstrel of Now, always ready to be inspired by myriads of frequencies in the universe and in the quantum field, with the honorable purpose to inspire as many human beings as possible and elevate the level of consciousness and awareness of mankind. The spaceship Shaylon is ready for take off!